Hot Take


Princeless: Save Yourself


By Hannah Edgington

Meet Princess Adrienne, a young woman of color who is stuck in a tower.  From a young age she was told stories of valiant knights rescuing helpless maidens from fire breathing dragons and towers.  She also recognized these stories for the hogwash they were.  What kind of a family would stick a princess in a tower to start with? 

 Clearly, her kind of family.  Her father, King of Ashland, has imprisoned all seven of his daughters in various towers in an attempt to find a son-in-law worthy of becoming the heir to the throne.  Adrienne’s twin brother Devin is not suitable, according to the king.  No father of the year award for him.

 After yet another awkward attempt by a would be prince to rescue her, Adrienne finds a sword under her bed.  Thus a plan is hatched.  She will break the cycle.  First by rescuing herself, then by rescuing her sisters.  She teams up with a dragon called Sparky, and a blacksmith named Bedelia Smith. 

 This is such an empowering and educational story.  It’s about using your resources, recognizing the cycle, making friends, trying to do your best, and seizing control of your destiny.  It’s about how there’s no wrong way to be yourself and it also shows the various forms toxic masculinity can take.  It’s appropriate for all ages and a great starting series for anyone trying to get into the comic world.

 Princeless: Save Yourself is the first volume of a multi-award winning series.  It started as bedtime stories for Jeremy Whitley’s daughter and now there are six volumes, with a seventh coming out in April, a series of short stories from this world, and a spin off series.

 5 out of 5 stars


Written by Jeremy Whitley, Art and Colors by M. Goodwin