Comics & the Feminist Movement: Captain Marvel


By Diana Prints

There has been a heightened focus on the Captain Marvel trailers. Specifically, around one little detail everyone has seemingly found to be the “make or break” of the franchise. Her smile. Or rather, a lack thereof.

I’ve kept quiet about this for some time now. I waited to hear a valid opinion from either side. On one hand, we could view this as people with juvenile minds trying to start a fire storm by belittling women through the very forefront that we have been trying to fight since the inception of feminism. On the other hand – no, wait. That’s exactly what is happening here. For all of the internet trolls, I have just one thing to say – FUCK. YOU.

What men don’t understand when they decide to use quips of this nature is that they set women back in any progress we have made. They wonder why we become so angry if they jokingly say things like, “Get back in the kitchen!” or “Make me a sandwich!”. You see, this was every woman’s reality less than 100 years ago. Now we are breaking the mold. We are joining the workforce as your boss (at two-thirds the pay, might I add). We are inventors, engineers, doctors – everything that we couldn’t… no, let me rephrase. Everything that we weren’t allowed to be.

Now, you may be thinking I should calm down. This is just a movie, right? Wrong. This is a display of a powerful force within the comic book universe. With that comes a display of femininity that we aren’t used to – that we haven’t seen done before on the big screen.

Captain Marvel is the first stand alone female character in the Marvel Universe that we hope will be successful. They have botched the Phoenix more ways than we can count. Black Widow and Scarlett Witch have had to take back seats to their male counterparts in The Avengers. Jessica Alba was treated like nothing but a pretty face as Susan Storm. This is our opportunity to show one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel-verse off to the rest of the crew that we thought was the end all be all. What’s more is (spoiler alert!) she seems to be the key to defeating Thanos. This chick is AWESOME.

The reality is, she shouldn’t be smiling because she will be kicking ass. My hope is that this leads to a better representation of the extraordinary females in the Marvel Universe. Plus, the accessories that follow will be fabulous.

CommentaryNicole Daniel